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MS SQL Queries to retrieve data from tables

In this article, you will find basic to most puzzled Microsoft SQL Server queries to retrieve data from tables with an example.

So, before starting let’s create and populate tblstudent table using following script.

Create table tblStudent
    StudentId int,
    FirstName varchar(50),
    LastName varchar(50),
    Admission_fee int,
    Admission_date datetime,
    Branch varchar(50),
StudentId FirstName LastName Admission_fee Admission_date Branch
1 John Smith 1000 2018-06-10 Computer Engineering
2 David Jones 1200 2018-06-20 Civil Engineering
3 Michael Johnson 900 2018-08-15 Chemical Engineering
4 Chris Lee 1500 2018-07-10 Electrical Engineering
5 Mike Brown 1600 2018-09-10 Mechanical Engineering
6 Lisa Smith 1800 2018-07-10 Computer Engineering
7 Mary Smith 1600 2018-06-11 Computer Engineering

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