Write a query to get how many students exist in tblstudent


Write a query to get how many students exist in tblstudent. I have used Microsoft SQL server 2008 R2 for the following demo.


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- tblstudent

StudentId FirstName LastName Admission_fee Admission_date Branch
1 John Smith 1000 2018-06-10 Computer Engineering
2 David Jones 1200 2018-06-20 Civil Engineering
3 Michael Johnson 900 2018-08-15 Chemical Engineering
4 Chris Lee 1500 2018-07-10 Electrical Engineering
5 Mike Brown 1600 2018-09-10 Mechanical Engineering
6 Lisa Smith 1800 2018-07-10 Computer Engineering
7 Mary Smith 1600 2018-06-11 Computer Engineering
  1. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM tblStudent


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