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250+ .NET Programs for Practice | .NET Tutorial

.NET Tutorial

.NET Tutorial will help to attain in-depth knowledge about the .NET framework and the programming languages used in .NET framework

What is .NET framework ?

  • .NET framework is built by Microsoft
  • It started in 2002 with the launch of first version of .NET
  • It supports more than 60 programming languages
  • 11 of these programming languages are developed by Microsoft

What are the programming languages supported by .NET framework ?

  • C#.NET
  • VB.NET
  • C++.NET
  • J#.NET
  • F#.NET
  • ASML ( Abstract State Machine Language)

What is required to run .NET ?

.NET programs can be compiled in Visual Studio. To install Visual Studio, it is required to install .NET Framework

List of .NET Programs for Practice

Below you will find the list of .NET programs, interview questions for practice to become a .NET developer

Basic .NET programs for Practice | .NET Coding Practice with examples


  1. Get and search records from database and show it in gridview
  2. Creating Registration and Login Page in ASP.Net
  3. Paging in ASP.Net GridView in Code Behind using C#


C# .Net

  1. C# Practice Exercises

ASP.NET Practice Exercise

  1. Write a program to use Label and TextBox controls.
  2. Create a program to use LinkButton and Button controls
  3. Create a program that uses ImageButton Control to display CommandName and CommandArgument properties.
  4. Write a program that uses RadioButton control and CheckBox control.
  5. To demonstrate the different properties of the Image Control, create a Web Application.
  6. Write a program that demonstrates the Panel control to show a Login Panel or a Registration Panel.
  7. To demonstrate the validation controls, write a program
    • RequiredFieldValidator
    • RangeValidator
    • CompareValidator
    • RegularExpressionValidator
    • CustomValidator
    • ValidationSummary
  8. You can upload files to the server by writing a program that uses FileUpload control.
  9. Create a program that displays advertisements using AdRotator.
  10. GridView Control allows you to create a web app that displays data from a database table.
  11. GridView also allows data manipulation.
  12. In order to demonstrate Data Binding using DataGrid control create a web application.
  13. This is an example of how DataGrid control can be used to delete records.
  14. You will also learn how to add or update records using DataGrid control.
  15. Write a program that will Bind data to DataList
  16. To build a DataSet, create a web app and display it using a Web Control.
  17. You can also see how to create a DataSet using Relationships.
  18. Make an application to display cookies
  19. Write a program to store database data in Session State.
  20. Write a program that illustrates Login Control.
  21. Create a web application to demonstrate Forms-based Authentication.
  22. To show Page Output Caching, create an application.
  23. Also, control the Varying output cache
  24. Write a program that loads XML data into DataSet.
  25. You can also write a program that will read XML data, and then bind it to DataGrid.
  26. Create a web app to display XML data as a GridView or ListBox.
  27. Create a program to create Web Services



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