Javascript Objects – How to Create an Object in Javascript?

JavaScript Objects are basically a collection of properties. Each property is a key-value pair. For example- FirstName is a key and Sita is a value.

SYNTAX -  const objectName{

                            Key: value;


Example- The following example creates a new object named foodItem with one property called breadPrice

const foodItem{
breadPrice: 100;


 We can access each property of the object by two different ways.


eg – foodItem.breadPrice


eg – foodItem[“breadPrice]

NOTE – Every key is converted to string except for symbols.

We can also modify objects in the following way:

foodItem.breadPrice = 98;

We can also add a new property to the object foodItem



Methods are actions that are to be performed on an object. They are stored in properties as function definitions. 

For example – in object foodItem adding a method called totPrice to calculate the total price of the food items as,

totPrice: function(){ 



where this refers to foodItem object.

We can access the object methods by objectName.methodName()

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