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JavaScript Constructor Function

Javascript constructor Loads the object as soon as the constructor is created. This process is called automatic object initialization. A constructor is a special method that allows an object to initialize itself when it is created.

JavaScript Constructor Function

It Perform automatic object initialization. A constructor has the same name as the class name.A constructor returns an instance of the class itself. So either it doesn’t return anything, or it doesn’t specify a return type, nor does it specify void.


function ConstructorName(param1, param2, ...) 


  // constructor function body



// Constructor function definition for Person object

function Person(name, age)

{ = name;

this.age = age;

this.greet = function() 


console.log(`Hey, I am ${} and I am ${this.age} years old.`);



// Create two Person objects using the constructors.

const person1 = new Person(Mohan, 24);

const person2 = new Person(Rohan, 28);

// Call the greeting method on each object


people2. greet();


Hey, I am Mohan and I am 24 years old.

Hey, I am Rohan and I am 28 years old.

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