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JavaScript break statement

The break statement is a control flow statement used in JavaScript to exit a loop, switch statement, or labelled block. The break statement completely exits a while or for loop.

You can use the break statement in a loop to prematurely terminate the loop under certain conditions. For example, in a for loop, you can use the break statement to exit the loop when certain conditions are met.

The break statement can also be used with a label to exit nested loops.




variable number = 7;

var number = 7;

for(var counter=0; counter < 100 ; counter++)


 if(number === counter) 


   console.log('number found ', number);



 console.log('Counter is ', counter);



Counter is  0

Counter is  1

Counter is  2

Counter is  3

Counter is  4

Counter is  5

Counter is  6

counter is 7

Number found 7

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