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C++ Break Statement (With Examples)

C++ Break Statement

The c++ break statement can be considered to be a loop control statement that can be used to terminate the loop. At the moment when a break statement is found from within a loop, the loop iterations stop over there and the control usually returns from the loop just there to the first statement after the loop.



Generally, break statements can be used in situations where we generally are not sure about the true count of iterations for the loop or we would wish to terminate the loop that will be based on some condition.

We are going to see here the application of c++ break statement that will be seen in three different types of loops:

Simple loops

Nested loops

Infinite loops

Let us now go to look at the examples that will be for each of the above three types of loops using a c++ break statement.

Break with Simple loops

Considering the situation in which we want to search for some element in an array. For doing this, we will use a loop for traversing the array that will be starting from the first index and we will compare the array elements with the particular key.


// C++ program for illustration

// Linear Search

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;


void rifindElement(int arr[], int risize, int rikey)


    // loop for traversing the array and searching for key

    for (int ri = 0; ri < risize; rii++) {

        if (arr[ri] == rikey) {

            cout << "Element is found at the position: " << (ri + 1);




int main()


    int arr[] = { 21, 2, 3, 14, 15, 6 };

    int rn = 6; // count of elements

    int rikey = 3; // key that is to be searched


    // Calling the function for finding the key

    rifindElement(arr, rn, rikey);


    return 0;



Element is found at position: 3

The above code will run absolutely fine i.e. with no errors. But the above code can not be considered to be efficient. The above code generally completes all the iterations even after the element will be found. Considering the situation where there are 1000 elements in the array and the key that is to be searched will be present at 1st position so, in that case, the above approach is going to execute a total of 999 iterations which generally are of no purpose and are completely useless.

To avoid such useless iterations, we are allowed to use the c++ break statement in our program

Break with Nested Loops

We are also allowed to use c++ break statements during the work with nested loops. If the break statement will be used in the innermost loop. The control is supposed to come out only from the innermost loop. 

Break with Infinite Loops

The c++ break statement can also be included in any infinite loop but it should be with a condition in order for terminating the execution of the infinite loop.

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