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List of String programs in c

Introduction to String programs in c

The following section has various programs related to strings in C.

What is string in c

In C programming language, One-dimensional array of characters which ends with null character ‘\0 are know as String. String or characters array contains words , sentence followed by Null character. Null character has the value zero.

Example for C language string programs

In this article, you will find string programs in c examples.

string programs in c examples :

  1. C program to concatenate two strings
  2. C program to find string length
  3. C program to convert a string to lower case
  4. C program to convert a string to upper case
  5. C program to change string to upper case without strupr
  6. C program to Change string to lower case without strlwr
  7. C program to reverse a string enter by user
  8. C Program to count number of alphabets, digits and special characters in string
  9. C program to compare two strings using strcmp
  10. C Program to Count number of Lowercase and Uppercase Letters

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