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ChatGPT vs Bard : Who is winning the AI War, Google or Bing?

ChatGPT vs Bard

ChatGPT became sensation because for AI-generated content, and Google came up with their AI-powered bot called Bard. Both ChatGPT and Bard may perform similar tasks, but they are not same. We will be discussing more related to this topic in this article.

OpenAI developed ChatGPT and it has a great launch in November 2022, and it became very famous among techies. Now, to compete with it, Google has developed their own AI-powered chatbot called Bard.

Both this bots can generate content based on the user’s request and using data from its machine learning model and various websites which is available, it can generate content to the user’s question

After OpenAI launched ChatGPT, people started finding ways to use those AI-generated bots for their business, education and personal use. But, AI theorists warned about their usage that the bot’s information could be degraded when it is pulled from incorrect and inappropriate internet sources. 

Recently, Microsoft announced their prestigious partnership with OpenAI to increase AI capabilities and serve human. But, within few months, google responded OpenAI and Microsoft’s ChatGPT with a AI-Powered chatbot named Bard. From the sources, it is said that, Bard is in the final testing phases and could be released by the end of Feb 2023. Although, both looks same, but there are more differences between the two.

What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot which uses machine learning models to provide answers to queries. OpenAI released ChatGPT at end of November 2022. It is notable that the CEO of OpenAI is Sam Altman. It has 5 million users in just 5 days.

OpenAI‘s ChatGPT uses the GPT-3 model, which is well trained from human-created text on the internet. Using this, the model provides responses to user questions.

Scholors concerned about ChatGPT’s misuse for students and working professional from cheating. To increase more pressure to them, , OpenAI announced about Bard in January 2023.

Examples of content which is AI-generated by ChatGPT includes:

  • Predefined code;
  • product information and statistics;
  • blogs;
  • email drafts methods;
  • social media posts.
  • summaries of podcasts;
  • explanations of complex topics;
  • law briefs;
  • translations;
  • jokes or memes

What is Bard?

Bard provides responses from the internet and uses its Google Language Model. It uses a special application called as Language Model for Dialogue Applications which is called as LaMDA.  Bard can provide more details to queries than the typical Google search. It can scale for large number of people to use it and provide feedback. It is currently in beta testing.

The goal of Bard is to retrieve information from google websites and information in a simple way than a search engine results page. It could be linked with digital assistants such as Alexa and Sirito increase its efficiency in large scaleand as a result acts as a personal assistant to its users and help with various tasks like booking flights, reservations results etc.

Difference between Bing’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard : ChatGPT vs Bard


The usage of ChatGPT vs Bard will be similar, where its users type questions as a  query to receive a reply like response. In February 2023, after Microsoft partnered with OpenAI has announced they will release this technology for companies and public to create and customize their own chatbots which is required for them using this ChatGPT technology. Microsoft alse decided to embed this ChatGPT with its search engine Bing and Edge to create good user experience for user’s search. These browsers will use a new version of ChatGPT as GPT-4, providing more relavent content for the user’s queries. Google has not yet announced when it going to add Bard AI chatbot to their chrome search engines.

The main difference between ChatGPT and Bard is the usage of different data source for replying to the user’s queries. Bard will draw information from the internet, so it will have the latest information but can have irrelavent data. ChatGPT’s sources end with 2021 data. Bard have more data to get information in real-time by accessing the latest searches. 

Bard uses Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA) for dialogue-like applications, while ChatGPT currently uses GPT 3.5 which is going to update to GPT 4.0. LaMDA was created on open-source network to understand natural language from the internet. It’s trained to find even the hardest patterns to respond the their users.

Alternatives of ChatGPT and Bard:

Other AI-content generators are available and several startups working on these projects, including ChatSonic, Jasper AI, OpenAssistant and Wordtune. Baidu, which is China’s search engine, will also use AI with Ernie Bot.


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